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Consistent with recommendations C3 and D4 from the Regional Conference on Higher Education (Cartagena, Colombian, June 4-6, 2008) and the Regional Workshop on Cultural Diversity and  Interculturality in Higher Education in Latin America, the Observatory on Cultural Diversity and Interculturality in Higher Education is contributing to the advancement, deepening and growth of intercultural higher education experiences currently existing in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the debates and reforms underway so that all of higher education may be pertinent to the cultural diversity unique to each country of the region.

The creation of this Regional Observatory was recommended to IESALC by the researchers from 11 regional nations, representative of over 50 initiatives in the field of cultural diversity and interculturality that participated in the Regional Workshop on Cultural Diversity and Interculturality in Higher Education in Latin America.  Its goal is to become a platform for collaboration among intercultural higher education institutions and among these and the institutions that support the development of academic programs oriented towards recognizing and valuing cultural diversity and promoting the development of equitable higher education institutions and intercultural societies.


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