SEMESP publishes The Future of Higher Education

As a result of the Seminar on the Future of Higher Education held on June 18th, 2017 in Sao Paulo (Brazil) carried out by the Sindicato Das Mantenedoras de Ensino Superior (SEMESP), “Futuro do Ensino Superior” (Future of Higher Education) Was published. Its goal is to contribute to the debate and considerations surrounding the challenges that higher education institutions must assume in the next years and thus allow them to plan, with enough time, projects accordingly.

In this document many visions concur, for example Priscila Simões, of the Centro Universitario Ítalo-Brasileño (Unítalo) (Italian-Brazilian University Center) perceives the process of Higher Education as a group of opportunities. She comments that “it is a favorable moment for change, there are new social demands and student profiles; the labor market is different; and several factors are offered that favor those changes, such as technology and the culture of collaborating”.

Alexandre Gracioso of the Escuela Superior de Propaganda y Marketing (ESPM), (Higher School of Propaganda and Marketing) underlines the importance of breaking paradigms and having professors committed to their institutions. And Dr Kumar, Associate Dean and Strategic Executive of the Digital Learning in General Education Program of the Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL) states that “the innovative future for our education lie son flexibility “fly by air” that make us inclusive and allow us to offer quality opportunities in terms of Higher Education.”

Also, Ana Sousa, of the Centro Universitario Cesumar (Unicesumar) (Cesumar University Center), explains the importance and the need of reinforcing a sense of social responsibility, intellectual and practical abilities, and analytic abilities in the students to enable them to solve problems and deal with the real world.”

To read the text  “Futuro do Ensino Superior" here.