The XXVII International Congress on Higher Education Funding is soon to be held in Mexico City.


The XXVII International Congress on Higher Education Funding by means of educational credits and scholarships, will be held in Mexico City: current situation, data, challenges and innovative strategies, from the 24th to the 27th of October, 2017, on behalf of the Asociación Panamericana de Instituciones de Crédito Educativo APICE (Panamerican Association of Educational Credit Institutions), and with the support of many Mexican strategic allies.

Its general goal is to “present current experiences and innovative developments in the area of funding higher education: educational credits, scholarships and acquisition of funds; reflect on the importance of the management and analysis of the statistical data; and identify the new challenges that said funding faces”. 

The event will be carried out based on conferences given by national and international experts such as Enrique Prieto Flores, Key-Capital CEO (Mexico); Andrés Ramírez Sierra, Banlínea founder and CEO (Colombia); Carlos Henrique Moreira Becker, FUNDACRED Vice-president Director (Brazil); Jorge Téllez Fuentes, ÁPICE CEO (Colombia); Juan Carlos Aguilera Gómez, international specialist and consultant (Mexico); José Fernando Montes de Oca Gatica, HR Ratings General Director (Mexico); Grant Taylor, Quotanda CEO (United States); Jorge Enrique Hernández Meza, EDUCAFÏN General Director (Mexico); and Javier Mora Rodríguez, APICE-APICE Special Projects Coordinator (Colombia), amongst others.

The XXVIII International Congress is composed by three main themes:

1.       Current state and innovations in the area of funding higher education, educational credits, scholarships and strategies for the acquisition of funds.

2.       New challenges and trends present in educational credits and scholarships.

3.       The Statistic Information System on Educational Credits and Scholarships) El Sistema de Información Estadístico sobre Crédito Educativo y Becas SIECE)

In order to participate it is necessary to sign in and cancel the amount established by the organizers of the event.

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