The Twelfth Ordinary Session of the UNESCO-IIHELAC Administration Council successfully finishes in Guatemala

The Twelfth Ordinary Session of the UNESCO’s International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNESCO-IIHELAC) Administration Council was held at the Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo in the city of Antigua in the Republic of Guatemala, in the frame of its 38th anniversary of being proclaimed World Heritage by UNESCO. This Council’s meeting took place on November 20th and 21st and the welcoming speech was delivered by the city of Antigua’s Mayor, Mrs. Susana Asensio.

The Council’s members who attended this meeting were Mrs. María Victoria Villavicencio (Republic of Cuba), Mrs. Morine Williams (Saint Vincent and Grenadines), Mrs. Ligia Melo Quezada de Cardona (Dominican Republic), Mrs. Xiomara Ramos de Arrocha of Panama’s Private Universities Association, Mrs. Rossana de Sousa e Silva of the Coimbra-Brazil Group, Mr. Francisco Antonio Romero (Costa Rica), Mr. Luis Bonilla, president of the Administration Council and representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and Mr. Roberto Moreno Godoy, in representation of the Forum of University Rectors of Guatemala. The session also counted with the participation of Dr. Pedro Henríquez Guajardo, Secretary of the Administration Council and Director of UNESCO-IIHELAC, Dr. Julio Carranza, representative of UNESCO in Guatemala, and José Antonio Quintero, UNESCO-IIHELAC’s assistant relations manager with the Member States.

An important working agenda was developed throughout the session with the intention of agreeing on actions that will allow to continue to consolidate strategies for the institutional strengthening of the Institute, as well as improving this instance’s program of consulting mechanisms in face of the challenges involved in carrying out the III Regional Conference on Higher Education (CRES in Spanish), scheduled for June, 2018.

UNESCO-IESALC extends a special note of thanks to the rector of the University of the Valley of Guatemala, Mr. Roberto Moreno Godoy, for the attention provided and for his excellent work as host. It also takes this opportunity to affectionately bid farewell to four board members who have accompanied the Board of Directors of UNESCO- IIHELAC’smission during recent years, Mrs. María Victoria Villavicencio, Mr. Francisco Antonio Romero, Mrs. Morine Williams, and the Mrs. Xiomara Ramos de Arrocha.