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    The National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST) was established as a statutory body by Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Act No. 20 of 1984, now Chapter 39:58, to promote the development of science, technology and higher education in Trinidad and Tobago. Through NIHERST’s line ministry, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education, some major institutional reforms are currently taking place in the science, technology and tertiary education sector in the country, which will result in the creation of councils for tertiary education and training, technical and vocational education and training, and science, technology and innovation. The integration of NIHERST into The University of Trinidad and Tobago is therefore being reviewed against these new proposed developments and government's goal of attaining sustainable integral development and a more diversified, knowledge intensive economy, built on the native genius of our people.


    •  Helping to promote and develop Trinidad and Tobago’s intellectual, institutional and social capacity to create and innovate using science and technology, which involves developing capacity in applied research and development; supporting education and training in science and technology; and fostering a national ethos and culture of STI; and
    • Serving as a focal point and co-ordinating agency for national, regional and international STI initiatives.


    NIHERST offers services to members of the public in the following areas:
    • Awards for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). These include the Prime Minister's Awards for Innovation & Invention and NIHERST President's Awards for Excellence in STI .
    • School and Family Visits to the NIHERST/NGC National Science Centre. Themed-science visits can be arranged on request for school groups.
    • Vacation Innovation/Invention Camps. The camps range in duration from one to three weeks for children aged 5-7 years (Funology), 8-12 years (Explorer) and 13-16 years (Robotics and Young Inventors). Campers are introduced to the basics of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship whilst also learning about concepts in science and their applications in daily living.
    • Vacation One-day Science Camps. These camps cater to youngsters aged 8-16 years and cover a host of topics in science so that there is something for everyone.
    • Curriculum-based Workshops for Teachers. These workshops aim to improve teachers' knowledge as well as their teaching skills and assessment techniques. Emphasis is currently placed on upskilling primary school teachers for the national science tests.
    • Workshops for Students. These range from Post-SEA workshops to introduce students to science learning at the secondary level and in particular to the use of basic equipment in the science laboratory. Workshops are also conducted for CXC students of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. For lower-secondary school students, there are robotics and electronic workshops.
    • Science Whizz, an annual competition sponsored by NGC, which challenges students to demonstrate their capabilities to explain science and math concepts in fun ways, to innovate using a given set materials, and to investigate defined problems.
    • Community Science Weeks, which brings the excitement of science learning to communities and towns across the country.
    • Sci-TechKnoFest, this country's signature national science festival, which promote awareness of importance issues and developments in STI.
    • Clubs - Science (12-15 year olds), Astronomy (individuals and families), and Robotics (13 and above).
    • Telescope Viewings, mainly during the dry season when the night skies are clear.
    • Library Services, reference services on a wide range of topics in science, technology and innovation.


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