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    The International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) is an association of university chief executives from higher education institutions around the world. Membership is limited to those individuals who serve as presidents, rectors or vice-chancellors at regionally accredited colleges or universities.


    Objectives :

    The primary purpose is to strengthen the international mission and quality of education of these institutions in an increasingly interdependent world, and to promote global awareness and competence as well as peace and international understanding through education. It is a unique worldwide platform that facilitates the exchange of professional experience through conferences, seminars, publications, and commissions.

    IAUP believes the best approach to achieve its aims are to:

    1.be independent of all ideological and political interests.

    2.contribute to international dialogue, tolerance and understanding in the promotion of international justice, co-operation and peace; and

    3. continue giving positive and creative support to its members, by providing an active global network and forum specifically for the heads of universities in which they can:


    • share their valuable experiences and outcomes;
    • contribute towards the development of universities in economically deprived regions throughout the world;
    • respond to the need to widen access to university for students from disadvantaged backgrounds;
    • help to introduce new qualitative developments in the wider university sector;
    • extend and enhance the international dimension of their universities; and 
    • ensure that universities continue to support and reinforce cultural diversities that are vital for sustaining the development of personal identities, social cohension and human creativity.


    The IAUP celebrates its general assembly every three years in a different part of the world. Each triennial focuses on a specific theme and provides its membership with an opportunity to discuss challenges and changes that face higher education worldwide. Traditionally these triennials have been addressed by world leaders and heads of state from outside academia.


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